"I love the challenge of painting a large scaled mural in outdoor fresh air.  I enjoy the entire process - including  delicacies of negotiating my personal artistic preferences in order to bring my client's own vision to life.  There are layers of cooperation and pure heart that go into successfully planning, and completing a mural - The physical energy of climbing scaffolding to reach the highest corner of an exterior canvas,  the process of hauling supplies, and occasionally stopping to chat with curious locals.  It is a rewarding, and rather exhilarating process"



Hampton Inn - Arcata, Ca

Commissioned by the owners of the the Arcata Hampton Inn in 2009. I painted this while the building was still in the beginning phases of construction. This was an advantage to the owners and designers because they were able to work their new decor to tie in with the mural.


Horses - Lower Lake, Ca

This is an 4' by 30' mural panel installation commissioned in the spring of 2012 for proud owners of a large farm in Lower Lake, Ca. The horses are actually depictions of the ones that live on their ranch.


Pantry Doors

This mural was commissioned by the owners of a private residence in Woodside, Ca in 2010. This image is part of a whole series of cabinet and pantry storage doors and drawers meant to have a fun "tromp l'oeil" wine cellar effect. This is a popular approach in mural painting. The term is in French and means "Trick of the Eye". The main challenge in painting this commission was having to paint the mural before the cabinetry was assembled, so it became tricky to make sure everything lined up perfectly.

barrel detail
cache creek winery
davis lanscape
davis caves
wine storage2, woodside.jpg
portabella detail.jpg
wine storage illusion on cabinets
pantry cabinet illusion
Wild Horses, Lower Lake.jpg
wild horses detail, lower lake .jpg
water tank, clearlake oaks.jpg
water tank 2, clearlake oaks.jpg
the spot, clearlake.jpg
tatonka trading, clearlake.jpg
riviera motel, lucerne.jpg
rainforest, Oakland, Ca.jpg
Peter Michael Winery, Calistoga.jpg
Passin' Thru, Sunnyvale.jpg
neptune, oil.jpg
Lakeport Lanes, Lakeport.jpg
Harbor Village, Lucerne.jpg
Harbor Village detail, Lucerne, Ca .jpg
Hampton inn, Arcata.jpg
hampton inn 2.jpg
girl at the spot, clearlake.jpg
Galileo Club, Richmond.jpg
courtyard mural, santa rosa.jpg
Catfish Coffeehouse, clearlake.jpg
 Thyra's Camper, Lakeport.jpg
skull, watercolor.jpg
Catalina - charcoal.jpg
Seasons, watercolor.jpg
sara, watercolor.jpg
mom, watercolor.jpg
koi, acrylic.jpg
chamelions and butterflies, acrylic.jpg
Gibson, charcoal.jpg
gift, oil.jpg
zen nursery 2 glenhaven.jpg
star wars, woodland.jpg
playroom, woodside.jpg
Nursery, Sanfrancisco.jpg
zen's nursery, glenhaven.jpg

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