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"I love painting murals.  I love the challenge, the entire process - including the delicacies of negotiating my personal artistic preferences in order to bring my client's own vision to life.  There are layers of cooperation and pure heart that go into successfully planning, and completing a mural - From the physical energy of climbing scaffolding to reach the highest corner of an exterior canvas,  to hauling supplies, and occasionally stopping to chat with curious locals.   It is always a wonderful experience."




My goal is to make commissioning a mural a seamless process! I make every effort to work with my client’s vision.  So, I will work closely with you to discover your creative tastes in order to find a style that resonates with you - whether it be realistic, stylized, cartooned, surreal, or loose, and abstract…. Your wish is my command!




I like to put together an in-depth proposal with colored pencil sketch work or a photographic collage to represent the design. My design is usually complete with a breakdown of the materials and costs involved, (will scaffolding be needed? what type of clear coat will be used? etc . . .) the projected time frame, and payment schedule if needed.  Part of my design process includes determining how large the painting will be, which images will be used in the composition and to what degree of realism you would like to see. It normally takes anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to put together a scaled proposal. It really all depends on how extensive, and detailed your project is….


The cost of a mural really depends on how large and how detailed the artwork will be, as well as how easily accessible the surface is. It is determined with an estimate based on how long it will take to paint, and a calculation of how much materials and supplies will cost. A painting can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months depending on the surface, size, and detail involved.




I use quality water based acrylic paints usually topped with a clear-coat sealer.  A clear coat can be applied over the top of your mural to protect, and help increase the longevity of the paint. 


There are several types of clear coat fixatives and varnishes to choose from. I prefer to use water based or mineral spirit based acrylic varnish which include ultraviolet light protection.  This is excellent for application over exterior murals where colors can begin to fade over time. Because this type of varnish is not oil based, it allows the artwork  to "breath" and moisture to escape. This is important for the life of the mural where exterior walls can naturally build up moisture behind the surface of the painting in winter months or in humid climates.  Oil based paints and cheap varnishes can trap moisture causing the paint film to eventually crack over time.


For exterior murals where graffiti is a problem, there are several anti-graffiti coatings available. Though these coatings can be costly, they can be a mural's life-saver because they allow you to scrub unwanted paint off the surface of your mural with solvents while not allowing the solvent to penetrate, and damage the artwork beneath.

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