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Gloria is a muralist residing in Lake County, Ca.  

She was commissioned by the county for their

re-development efforts of the North Shore region in 2008.  Her most recent works reside on the main corridor through Lakeport, and Cache Creek Vineyards Tasting room.


Her murals also cover walls in several restaurants including the interiors of her own shop, Catfish Coffeehouse.  Several of her larger works are located along the scenic winding lakeside Highway 20.  However, her work extends beyond Lake County to the South Bay area, Marin, Napa, Mendocino, and Humbolt County.

"I love the challenge of painting a large scaled mural.  I enjoy the entire process - including the delicacies of negotiating my personal artistic preferences in order to bring my client's own vision to life.  There are layers of cooperation and pure heart that go into successfully planning, and completing a mural - The physical energy of climbing scaffolding to reach the highest corner of an exterior canvas,  the hauling of supplies, and occasionally stopping to chat with curious locals.   It is a rewarding, and rather exhilarating process"

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